Fiona Mayfield — UI/UX/Product Designer based in London, UK

All 4 TV apps

Channel 4 were looking for a way to incorporate sign in to their existing tv apps. Signed in users are more valuable to the business and All 4 users would get more value from the app by being able to access premium features such as adding favourites and reminders.

Working within the constraints of the current Samsung/Roku and YouView I developed design journeys incorporating sign in. We prototyped the updates and took these to user testing to validate whether the journeys were understandable and users would see the value of signed in features.

For the final designs I created annotated PDFs for the developers and assets for the extra icons and elements.

ForReason Ltd RoleUX/UI Design

New splash screen

We tested an initial gateway page that allowed the user to sign in or skip to browse only.

On screen keyboard design

History in All 4 section