Fiona Mayfield — UI/UX/Product Designer based in London, UK

UI design

At I worked as the designer within a product team responsible for the booking and loyalty aspects of the website. This included rebranding of core areas of the site based on a universal look and feel for all international sites. I was also heavily involved in creating designs for multi variant tests and user experience testing.

Designs were desktop and mobile specific. (part of Expedia) Date2013

The booking page was an important part of the website and we needed to be sure that we didn't lose any customers at this stage of a booking. We redesigned the input sections and summary so that the information required was clear and in-line with the rest of the site.

Booking confirmation page 'One branded'

Design for an abbreviated mobile booking form

I worked with the product team to devise multivariant tests such as simplifying the credit card input by showing the users card by number recognition. Improvements for conversion also resulted from testing clear call outs of benefits and discounts on the booking summary panel.

Booking form MVTs

Booking form MVTs

I also updated the confirmation page so that the key information for the booking was clear and prominent and the associated tools more obvious.

Redesigned booking confirmation page

Booking tool overlays

Another challenge was to persuade users to sign up for an account. I designed lots of test options based on benefits, reassurance and social proofing.

Account MVTs

I was also involved in the loyalty scheme aspects of the site. This is an overlay describing the process of redeeming rewards. Accommodating languages in an international site is always a consideration.

Welcome rewards information

I created re-designs of the sign in and create account flows. They were placed in an overlay from the menu so that users of the site could sign in without leaving the page they were visiting.

Sign in flow redesign

Mobile sign up flow

Mobile create an account flow

Reset password flow

Find your booking - mobile

An addition to the mobile site was the ability to change a booking. These designs show the first step flow for requesting changes.